mar 142017
This is working configuration:

Details about IP and mac address from hosting provider:

IPv4 configuration
MAC: 00:50:56:09:c8:e2

Detail about commend to use on RouterOS:

/interface ethernet set WAN mac-address=00:50:56:09:c8:e2
/ip address add address= interface=ether1 network=
/ip route add gateway=

Details from configuration:

[[email protected]] > ip address print detail
Flags: X - disabled, I - invalid, D - dynamic
0 address= network= interface=ether1 actual-interface=ether1 
[[email protected]] > ip route print detail
Flags: X - disabled, A - active, D - dynamic, C - connect, S - static, r - rip, b - bgp, o - ospf, m - mme,
B - blackhole, U - unreachable, P - prohibit
0 A S dst-address= gateway= gateway-status= reachable via ether1 distance=1
scope=30 target-scope=10
1 ADC dst-address= pref-src= gateway=ether1 gateway-status=ether1 reachable distance=0
[[email protected]] > ping
HOST SIZE TTL TIME STATUS 56 45 23ms 56 45 23ms 56 45 23ms
sent=3 received=3 packet-loss=0% min-rtt=23ms avg-rtt=23ms max-rtt=23ms

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