jul 072019

When you use Remote Desktop Connections you may see the following error:


BITMAP DISK CACHE FAILURE: Your disk is full or the cache directory is missing or corrupted.  Some bitmaps may not appear.

You then have three real options:

  1. Do nothing.  Your RDP session will function brdp-how-to-disable-bitmap-cachingut will “lock up” from time to time, which is annoying
  2. Disable Caching – Open your Remote Desktop Client, click OPTIONS, then EXPERIENCE, uncheck PERSISTANT BITMAP CACHING.  See the image to the right
  3. Clear your cache.  This is very easy to do:
    1. log out of ALL RDP sessions
    2. C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Terminal Server Client\Cache
    3. Delete everything in that folder

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