How to Install Let’s Encrypt on Apache2

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nov 052018

Improving your website security through encryption, even on the most basic servers, can increase your visitors’ trust in your site and your ability to run it. Setting up encryption on your web host has generally been complicated and expensive, which often deters administrators whose web applications might not depend on user input. Let’s Encrypt aims to change this by making implementing encryption on any website easier. They are an open and free project that allows obtaining and installing of certificates through simple, automated, commands.

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Spring Boot Secured By Let’s Encrypt

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set 272018

In this article, we want to know how we can (1) generate a valid certificate for free; (2) configure a Spring Boot app with it; and lastly (3) how to renew it when it expires.

In my previous blog post, we became familiar with configuration of an Spring Boot Application with a self-signed certificate. Self-signed certificates are good for specific purposes such as test and development. But, if one needs to ship his application to production, certificates should be signed by known and legitimate Certificate Authorities (CA).

These types of certificates are usually expensive. If you want to harden your application with TLS, you need to purchase one of them. The price and complex configuration of application servers made a barrier for many web applications to use secure connections.

In the post-Snowden era, no one needs to convince us that having secure connection using HTTPS is a must. There are lots of efforts to increase awareness of developers and IT administrators to employ such technologies for every single website they make. But how?

Let’s Encrypt projects aims at bringing HTTPS to World Wide Web not only for free but also with the simplest way of configuration.

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Zimbra: Instalando un Certificado gratuito SSL Let’s Encrypt

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mar 242018

letsencrypt-esSaludos, Let’s Encrypt ha lanzado su Beta hace unos días, llevaba siguiendo el proyecto desde hace unos meses, y parece que por fín está casi listo.

¿Qué es Let’s Encrypt?

Let’s Encrypt es una nueva Entidad Certificadora, es gratis, automatizada y además abierta. Es una buena opción para proteger entornos Zimbra con un Certificado SSL profesional, a coste cero. Hay que tener en cuenta que por ahora se encuentra en estado Beta, y pueden surgir problemas, o incidencias, usarlo siempre bajo vuestra responsabilidad.

Para seguir el proyecto de cerca por favor ir a la web Oficial del Proyecto – Además, siempre es bueno leer las preguntas y respuestas frecuentes

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