BITMAP DISK CACHE FAILURE: Your disk is full or the cache directory is missing or corrupted

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jul 072019

When you use Remote Desktop Connections you may see the following error:


BITMAP DISK CACHE FAILURE: Your disk is full or the cache directory is missing or corrupted.  Some bitmaps may not appear.

You then have three real options:

  1. Do nothing.  Your RDP session will function brdp-how-to-disable-bitmap-cachingut will “lock up” from time to time, which is annoying
  2. Disable Caching – Open your Remote Desktop Client, click OPTIONS, then EXPERIENCE, uncheck PERSISTANT BITMAP CACHING.  See the image to the right
  3. Clear your cache.  This is very easy to do:
    1. log out of ALL RDP sessions
    2. C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Terminal Server Client\Cache
    3. Delete everything in that folder

Full Bandwidth Management Parent Queue Tree

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jun 182014
This is the combination, continued and completion of bandwidth management methods previously using parent queue tree about to handle all sorts of purposes in an internet network that is more complex. Perhaps if you do not want to think too hard, you simply apply the simple queue to limit bandwidth that so powerful and assertive to limit bandwidth per client on your internet network. The problem is if we share the bandwidth with a simple queue is stiffness, and it’s hard for me to divide into many clients normally. It would be appropriate to be applied to the kind of dedicate internet connection.

For example If I have a totally the bandwidth internet connection is up to 2M, after i have tested by speed test, the bandwidth average is 512 kbps. It means that if I have 6 clients, be 512/6 = 86 kbps/clients normally, the ideal number is very small inappropriate for our client. If the bandwidth of up to 2 M calculated with 2000/6 to be around 334 kbps /clients, it can makes browsing and online game stuck if just only one client there who download and play streaming video, because the client spend almost all the average speed (512kbps) other clients will be especially problematic just for browsing or online game. In this case we need the priority to the fourth packets.

Full Bandwidth Management with the parent queue tree complete the lack of packets connection per client, especially to handle the internet network with many clients. The principle is equally divide the bandwidth to all the clients with bandwidth greater than that should be given as the limit bandwidth on each clients, in which we set Online GamesBrowsingDownloadVideo Streaming packets, connection packets. Well, for now I will make the Full Bandwidth Management using the parent queue tree. For more easily to make the complex rule, I will work with the scripts for more quickly.

Situation and Conditions:

Total Bandwidth = Up to 2 M

8 Clients that I have : 
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