Como alterar o Hostname no Ubuntu

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fev 072019

Como posso mudar o hostname no Ubuntu ou Ubuntu Server usando a linha de comando?

Neste tutorial vamos mostrar um exemplo para modificar o nome do host (hostname) do seu ubuntu:

Como ver o hostname atual do seu Ubuntu:


Alterando o hostname temporariamente:

hostname meu-novo-hostname

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Change HostName in CentOS 7 / RHEL 7

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jun 092017

After installing the CentOS 7 on my server, i tried to change host name by modifying the /etc/sysconfig/network; it did not take an effect of the modification. Even after multiple reboot of server, the host name remains localhost.localdomain. The procedure to change the host name in CentOS 7 is now totally different from the previous version, this guide will help you to setup the host name on CentOS 7 / RHEL 7.

CentOS 7 supports three class of Host Names:

Static – The static host name is traditional host which can be chosen by the user and is stored in /etc/hostname file.

Transient – The transient host name is maintained by kernel and can be changed by DHCP and mDNS.

Pretty – It is a free form UTF -8 host name for the presentation to the user.

HostName can be,

  • 64 character in a length
  • Recommend to have FQDN
  • Consists of a-z,A-Z, 0-9, “-”, “_” and “.” only

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